Customize graphics and create animations from the front page using Jupyter notebooks

These notebooks are listed below and can be run in a Google Colaboratory environment.

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Running and modifying Jupyter notebooks with Google Colaboratory

This page explains how to run and save Jupyter notebooks to create graphics and animations of the graphics found on the front page of this website. These notebooks are henceforth referred to as Keeling Curve notebooks.

The Keeling Curve notebooks listed below use Google Colaboratory (Colab) to run in. Google Colab is a service provided by Google that enables users to run Jupyter notebooks (written in python) in a browser without installing python. More information about Google Colab can be found here.

To run Keeling Curve notebooks using Google Colab, a Google account and being logged into it is required. Without being logged into a Google account, you can only view the notebooks and not edit them.

Keeling Curve Notebooks listing

Graphics of the Mauna Loa CO2 record

Graphics of the combined Mauna Loa and ice-core CO2 record

Animations of the Mauna Loa CO2 record

Animations of the Mauna Loa and ice-core CO2 record