Customize graphics and create animations from the front page using Jupyter notebooks

Keeling Curve notebooks run in either a Google Colaboratory environment or a Binder environment. The Google Colaboratory environment is faster to load.

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Running and modifying Keeling Curve notebooks using Google Colaboratory

The Keeling Curve Jupyter notebooks listed below use Google Colaboratory (Google Colab) to run in. Google Colab is a service provided by Google that enables users to run Jupyter notebooks in a browser without installing any python packages. Jupyter notebooks are files that use python code and that run in a browser.

Google Colab is a virtual environment containing many python code packages so that the user doesn't have to set up their own python environment if they ran it on a local computer.

Once in Google Colab, each notebook can be run to generate graphics seen on the home page of the Keeling Curve website and generate animations of select graphics.

To run Keeling Curve notebooks that create graphics and animations on Google Colab, you need to have a Google account and be logged into it. Without being logged into a Google account, you can only view the notebook and not run it.

For viewing notebooks, nothing has to be done. But to run the notebook to create graphics and animations, click on the top menu option Runtime and then click Run all.

You may see the following warning:
Warning: This notebook was not authored by Google
This notebook is being loaded from GitHub. It may request access to your data stored with Google, or read data and credentials from other sessions. Please review the source code before executing this notebook.

And then it has two links, 'Cancel' and 'Run Anyway'.

It's Google's way of asking for permission to use the notebook and asking the user if they trust the notebook. A reason not to trust a notebook is if the notebook has code in it granting access to their Google drive and they don't know the notebook creator. The Keeling Curve notebooks do not grant or access your Google Drive. Only if you want to save your notebook changes, will the notebook ask to use your Google drive, and you have complete control of that.

Click 'Run anyway' to use notebooks that create graphics and animations.

The code in each notebook can be modified in Google Colab without affecting the original version. And any changes to the notebooks can be saved to the user's Google Drive or the user's GitHub repository.

More information about running and saving the notebooks using Google Colab and downloading the notebooks locally to a computer can be found here.

More information about Google Colab can be found here.

Notebooks listing (Google Colab)


Graphics of the Mauna Loa CO2 record

Graphics of the combined Mauna Loa and ice-core CO2 record

Animations of the Mauna Loa CO2 record

Animations of the Mauna Loa and ice-core CO2 record