“…A measurement that captures, more than any other single number, the extent to which we are changing the world—for better or worse.”

Robert Kunzig, National Geographic

The CO2 group at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, monitors carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas causing worldwide climate instability. These same researchers are also leaders in tracking the worldwide decrease of life-giving oxygen in the atmosphere, another symptom of the world-changing phenomenon that is among the most important societal challenges of our lifetimes.

Solutions start with knowledge and the information provided by the CO2 group lets society take its first step toward adaptation and mitigation strategies that will protect future generations. The Keeling Curve has provided fundamental knowledge of the existence of global warming for more than half a century and has led global efforts to help the public understand it as a daily reality.

Help us maintain our watch of the planet’s vital signs with your support of the iconic Keeling Curve measurement. Your tax-deductible donation will help us keep this information available for future generations.

The Keeling Curve may one day provide us with the first indication that we as a society have succeeded in reversing the trend of global warming, that we have restored the natural balance we need to keep our home planet healthy.

NEW: April 2015 Update on Support from Scripps CO2 program Director Ralph Keeling

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