Scripps CO2 Instrument at Mauna Loa Observatory Back in Action

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Helicopter delivers photovoltaic rails, electrical conduit, and solar panels to Mauna Loa Observatory. Photo: Scott Prestien/EPC

We are happy to report that measurements by the Scripps CO2 program resumed at Mauna Loa Observatory on March 9.   The CO2 analyzer is being powered with a solar power/battery system installed by NOAA staff at the Mauna Loa Observatory using helicopter access.  The resumption ends the gap in measurements which began on Nov. 28 when the lava flow from the eruption of Mauna Loa buried the road and cut the power line to the station.

We also report that the analyzer on nearby Maunakea, which was installed on Dec. 14 as a temporary alternative to the Mauna Loa measurements, stopped sending data on March 7.  The cause of the interruption is unclear.  We are working with staff at the Mauna Loa Observatory to diagnose the problem. The Mauna Loa Observatory is operated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • Ralph Keeling