Update on CO2 readings commencing at Maunakea

Robert MonroeDaily Measurements, Measurement Notes

Ralph Keeling takes an air sample at Maunakea

(Above: Ralph Keeling takes an air sample at Maunakea Dec. 21, 2022)

The Keeling Curve data stream was interrupted by the eruption of Mauna Loa on Nov. 28.  To help close this data gap, scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego worked with partners from NOAA and the Maunakea Observatory partners to install a nearly-identical carbon dioxide analyzer at nearby Maunakea.  The Scripps analyzer at Maunakea has been operational since Dec. 14.  The data from this instrument have been processed using same algorithms used at Mauna Loa.  The plan is to continue the measurements at Maunakea for at least one full year from the point that measurements resume at Mauna Loa.  This overlapping year of data will allow close comparison of measurements from the two locations.

The Mauna Loa Observatory is operated and maintained by NOAA. NOAA staff are working to partially power the Mauna Loa Observatory using solar panels and batteries.